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Chicago's Gun Violence

With 2016 being a historically violent year for Chicago, we've highlighted the efforts by local organizations to curb the city's gun violence.

For Some Chicago Teens, The Violence In Parkland Is All Too Familiar

By Christian Bryant | March 24, 2018

Students at a South Side Chicago high school open up about the Parkland, Florida, shooting, and their views on school safety and gun violence.

On National Walkout Day, Chicago Students Protest Gun Violence At Home

By Christian Bryant | March 14, 2018

High School students from Chicago's Kenwood Academy demonstrated during National Walkout Day to highlight gun violence in their community.

Shootings, Homicides In Chicago Drop After Historically Violent 2016

By Jamal Andress | January 2, 2018

Police attribute the drop in crime, at least in part, to the additional police added to the force and new "predictive crime software" being used.

Illinois Sues Chicago To Force An Overhaul To Its Police Practices

By Grant Suneson | August 30, 2017

Illinois sued Chicago over reforming the city's often-maligned police department and called for independent oversight of the overhaul.

More Than 100 People Shot In Chicago Over Holiday Weekend

By Jake Jones | July 5, 2017

Statistics show shooting numbers are down this year compared to 2016.

Chicago Has A New Strike Force Aimed At Tackling Gun Violence

By Jake Jones | July 1, 2017

Twenty ATF agents will join existing federal forces in Chicago to track illegal guns and repeat offenders.

Chicago Could Be Getting More Federal Help With Gun Violence

By Lindsay Gloor | February 3, 2017

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives reportedly hopes to transfer about 20 agents to Chicago to form a task force.

Interrupting Chicago's Gun Violence In A Historically Awful Year

By Christian Bryant, Ben Schamisso | December 12, 2016

We shadowed CeaseFire Illinois' "violence interrupters" as they try to prevent Chicago gun violence in one of the deadliest years in decades.

How Social Media Can Be Used To Stop Gang Violence

By Ben Schamisso | December 2, 2016

This Columbia University professor and former Chicago social worker wants to use an algorithm to curb gun violence nationwide.

A Southside Chicago Memorial That 'Shouldn't Be Here'

By Jamal Andress | November 15, 2016

A Southside Chicago woman created a memorial that honors each person killed in the city. After this summer, it's behind by more than 520 deaths.

Meet The Women Working To Make 2016 The Last Deadly Summer In Chicago

By Jamal Andress | November 3, 2016

Chicago has a violence problem — but thousands of men and women are trying to end that violence.

Does Adding Police Reduce Crime? In Chicago, It's Complicated

By Jamal Andress | October 19, 2016

Professor Wesley Skogan has studied police in Chicago for over 30 years and says the department's "traditional culture" needs a change.

Chicago Native Jabari Parker: How To Help Kids On The South Side

By Christian Bryant | August 25, 2016

During a panel discussion hosted by ESPN's "The Undefeated," NBA forward Jabari Parker talked about how to keep Chicago kids away from crime.

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