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Jake Godin is a reporter with his eye on the Middle East and North Africa, national security, and terrorism. Hailing from a town in central Illinois that you've likely never heard of, Jake joined Newsy in 2012 after graduating from the University of Missouri's School of Journalism. Since then, he's traveled to the Arctic Circle on his motorcycle, covered Canada's mass resettlement of Syrian refugees and moved to Newsy's Washington, D.C., bureau.

  Recent Work
An investigation into a clifftop massacre in Ethiopia's Tigray region.
Jennifer Smart / NewsyWorld

Shedding Light On A Clifftop Massacre In Ethiopia

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation shares video of a Russian bombing,

New Evidence Of Russian Air Strikes On Syrian Hospitals

Tomorrow's War Could Be Waged By AI Weapons
Newsy / Kevin ClancyTech

Tomorrow's War

Less lethal munitions have been used by police departments all around the United States.
Newsy / Jennifer SmartU.S.

Police Use Of 'Less-Lethal' Munitions Has Exploded

Trump supporters breached the Capitol
Newsy / Jennifer SmartU.S.

How A Violent Mob Breached The Capitol

People hold banners as they demonstrate against police brutality, in Lagos, Nigeria.

Why Nigerians Are Taking To The Streets In Protests

North Korea showed off its largest ICBM during a military parade.
Newsy / Jennifer SmartPolitics

Visual Evidence From North Korean Parade Shows Expanding Arsenal

A video showing the explosion was filmed from just over a kilometre away.
Newsy / Jennifer SmartWorld

What Visual Evidence Tells Us About What Caused The Beirut Explosion

Newsy counted more than 50 uses of tear gas in 14 hours of livestream footage at Portland's protests.
Newsy / Jennifer SmartU.S.

Tear Gas Use Was Limited In Portland. Then Federal Agents Showed Up

There have been at least 100 police attack incidents involving the press.
Newsy / Associated PressU.S.

Breaking Down How Police Have Targeted Press During Protests

An image of European nations connected to the far right network traveling to Greece
Newsy / Google EarthWorld

How One Greek Island Reveals Europe's Far-Right Nationalist Network

Here's How To Track The World When It Grinds To a Halt
Newsy / SkylineSci/Health

Here's How To Track The World When It Grinds To a Halt

Breaking Down The Disinformation Ecosystem Around Coronavirus
Newsy / Jennifer SmartWorld

Breaking Down The Disinformation Ecosystem Around Coronavirus

In this frame grab from video, Russian, Syrian and others gather next to a stuck American military convoy.
Associated Press 

How A Shootout In Syria Shows A Precarious Position For US Troops

Iran's record of asymmetrical warfare could inform what comes next in its tensions with the U.S.
Newsy / Jennifer SmartWorld

Iran Could Use Its Influence, Not Rockets, To Move Against U.S.

A Shot From Police Killed A Protester In Colombia. Here's How We Know.
Jennifer Smart / NewsyWorld

A Shot From Police Killed A Protester In Colombia. Here's How We Know.

Thousands of messages and usernames from the Iron March forum leaked online.
Newsy / Jennifer SmartU.S.

We Found More Active Duty Military In Leaked Neo-Nazi Forum

Tear gas canisters fired directly at protestors have resulted in casualties
Newsy / Jennifer SmartWorld

'Non-Lethal' Crackdown On Protests Turns Deadly In Iraq

Open-source evidence places a Turkish-backed rebel group at the site of an extrajudicial killing in Syria.
Newsy / Jennifer SmartWorld

Video Evidence Sheds Light On Executions Near Turkey-Syria Border

An image of the Al Khamis market in Yemen before it was bombed by the Saudi-led coalition.
Google EarthWorld

Saudi Arabia's Air Strikes Are Killing Civilians With U.S. Weapons

A new report from Newsy's partner Bellingcat reveals the identities of Russian-backed separatists linked to MH17's downing.
Newsy / Kevin ClancyWorld

Who Shot Down MH17? These Are The Rebels Linked To The Massacre

A video featuring Nazi imagery on YouTube
Getty Images / Sean GallupU.S.

Far-Right Online Radicalization Isn't A New Phenomenon

Ruined house in Sri Lanka
Getty Images / Allison JoyceWorld

Shift In ISIS Strategy Looks To Take Advantage Of Local Groups

Sudanese protesters wave the flag of Sudan

After Coup, Sudan Faces Fragile Transition To Democracy

Graphic from BBC's investigation of a killing in Cameroon

Open-Source Techniques Have Created A Whole New Kind Of Reporter

A video that went viral on Twitter showed the murder of women and children in northern Cameroon.

How Journalists Solved Murders From Thousands Of Miles Away

U.S. President Donald Trump and Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu show the proclamation Trump signed.
Getty Images / Alex WongPolitics

US-Israel History Laid Groundwork For Trump’s Pro-Israel Policies

Dozens of video from the day the incident took place on the bridge help verify who started the fire.
Noticias UnoWorld

Who Set Fire To Venezuela Aid? New Footage Gives A Clearer Picture

Vice President Mike Pence and Colombian President Ivan Duque shake hands with Venezuelan President Juan Guaido.
The White HouseWorld

US-Venezuelan Standoff Untenable, But No Clear Way Forward

Europe faces a tough decision in whether it should bring back foreign fighters who joined ISIS or not.

With ISIS On Backfoot, Focus Is Now On Foreigners Who Joined Group