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Chance Seales

Host, "The Why"

Chance Seales hosts Newsy's evening show "The Why." He's led national coverage of presidents, Congress and the Supreme Court from Washington for broadcast companies like Nexstar and Media General, and worked at Newsy in its earliest days. Chance and his husband live in D.C. and are the (way too) proud dads of Bear and Peggy, the world's sweetest French bulldogs.

  Recent Work
A neighborhood
Getty ImagesU.S.

Which Neighborhood You Grow Up In Can Predict Your Income As An Adult

A young transgender woman looking in a bathroom mirror

The Origins Of The LGBTQIA+ Acronym

Newspaper graphic
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Examining Fairness In Cable News

Captain Jon Moro
Megan SmithU.S.

Dream Jobs: Ship Captain

Houses in California
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The Political And Predictive Power Of Dynamic Scoring

Man looking through VR headset
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Why Experts Can't Rule Out The Possibility We Live In A Simulation

Kyle Dargan
Newsy/ Matt Anzur/ Luke PiotrowskiU.S.

Dream Jobs: Literature Professor

Whitney Houston singing
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When A Musician Dies, What Should Happen To Their Unreleased Work?

Translator talking in microphone
Matt Anzur/NewsyU.S.

Dream Jobs: Translator

Nurse and patient
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The Link Between Cost And Quality In American Health Care

Happied app
Matt Anzur NewsyU.S.

Dream Jobs: Happy Hour Entrepreneur

Baby and parent with matching tattoos
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Why Some Scientists Think Newborns Look More Like Their Dads

Chance Seales talks with Pastor Julie Pennington-Russell
Newsy/Megan SmithU.S.

Dream Jobs: Pastor

Portrait of King Charles II
Wikimedia CommonsU.S.

Power May Corrupt, But Only By Heightening Existing Personality Traits

Muralist using a stencil
Megan Smith/ NewsyU.S.

Dream Jobs: Muralist

Man taking a photo on a hike
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Leave No Trace: Treating The Wilderness Like A Museum

Microphones in black and white
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'Stage Jitters' Could Have Developed During Humanity's Primitive Days

Painting of King Louis XIV
Nicolas de LargillierreU.S.

The Male Beginnings Of 'Feminine' Fashion

Man in mortarboard
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Graduation Rates Are Dipping For Low Income Students

Woman uses a computer at a restaurant

Remote Work May Ramp Up Productivity, But Workers Feel Isolated

Minor Threat performs onstage

Straight Edge: The Subgenre That Turned A Counterculture On Its Head

before and after photos
Newsy/Caroline CarterU.S.

Dream Jobs: Home Stager

Milk on a table
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More People Want Milk — Just Not From Cows

Man in doctor's office
University of Washington School of MedicineSci/Health

Is The Future Of Contraception Male?

Federal Reserve building
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How The Federal Reserve's Size Lets It Influence Interest Rates

Brain making connections
National Institute of HealthSci/Health

Memories Shape Brain Development⏤ Forgetting Regulates That Process

Bunch of books on a table
Newsy/Mai Nolasco-CarranzaU.S.

Dream Jobs: Non-Profit Advocate

A cat
Newsy/Nathan BrinerU.S.

The Vivid Inner Worlds Of Animals

Beyonce Coachella Concert
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Does Every Pop Song Really Sound The Same?

Chance Seales and Rep. Paul Tonko

Trump Administration Considers Freezing Federal Gas Mileage Targets