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After Replacing Spacey, Plummer Is Nominated For A Golden Globe
A Decades-Old Ban On Movie Theaters Will Be Lifted In Saudi Arabia
Manned Moon Missions Ended After Apollo 17 — That Was 45 Years Ago
Suspect Arrested After Attempted Terrorist Attack In NYC
California's Thomas Fire Is Now The Fifth Largest In State History
Bitcoin Futures Reach Almost $19K In First Day Of Trading
'Coco' Holds Steady At No. 1 While Warner Bros. Hits $2B On The Year
Marvel Unveils Trailer For New 'Spider-Man' Animated Film
Nikki Haley: Listen To Sexual Misconduct Accusers — Including Trump's
The 2020 Census Looks Like An Uphill Battle
Twitter Piles On Praise After 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Premiere
Unity Commission Recommends Democrats Drastically Cut Superdelegates
California's Fires May Be 'The New Normal' Because Of Climate Change
US' Jerusalem Decision Sparks Violent Protests Abroad
Flint Could Soon Lose Its State-Supplied Bottled Water Program
The Official Number Of Puerto Rico Hurricane Deaths May Be Way Too Low
What We Know About The Attack On UN Peacekeepers In Congo
Trump Spoke At A Civil Rights Museum. Civil Rights Leaders Boycotted.
The Supreme Court Stopped An Order For DACA Decision Records — For Now
Oil Embargo On North Korea Could Lead To Famine, Experts Warn
Lawmaker Proposes Protecting Bears Ears Land From Mineral Mining
United Nations Security Council Derides Trump On Jerusalem Decision
Iraq Says Its War Against ISIS Is Over
Louis C.K. May Buy Back His Controversial Film 'I Love You, Daddy'
Apple Might Be About To Buy Shazam
This Trump Tweet Has People Worrying About A Consumer Finance Bureau
Roy Moore Accuser Says She Added Note To His Signature
Why Airlines Can Keep Hiding Baggage Prices From You
'X-Men' Director Sued For Alleged Sexual Assault Of Teen In 2003
Rep. Trent Franks Just Resigned From Congress
California's Wildfires Are Forming A Newly Classified Type Of Cloud
Tillerson: We're A Few Years Away From Putting An Embassy In Jerusalem
Deputy National Security Adviser Plans To Leave White House
Spotify Just Announced A Partnership Before Its Expected IPO
Trump Approves Emergency Declaration For California Over Wildfires
Trump Signs Temporary Spending Bill To Fend Off A Government Shutdown
The EU And Japan Finalize Negotiations On Massive Free-Trade Deal
United Nations Peacekeepers Were Killed In An Attack In Congo
Pope Francis Wants To Tweak The English Wording Of The Lord's Prayer
The UK And EU Made A Deal That Will Move Brexit Talks Forward
Japan Is Planning To Buy Long-Range Missiles Amid Growing Threats
Devin Nunes Cleared Of Wrongdoing Following Ethics Committee Probe
Head Of Germany's Social Democrats Wants A 'United States Of Europe'
White House Officials: Infrastructure Plan Coming In 2018
Marvel's New Superhero Franchise Has A Pretty Diverse Roster
Israelis And Palestinians Clash After Trump's Jerusalem Decision
Germany's Social Democrats Toss Merkel A Possible Lifeline
NFL Boss Roger Goodell Has A New Contract, With A Catch
Jerusalem: Why The Land Is So Controversial
Rep. Trent Franks Is Planning To Resign
Banned From The US Gov, Kaspersky Lab Is Closing Its DC-Area Office
Anheuser-Busch Orders 40 Tesla Semitrucks
Congress Hopes To Avoid Looming Government Shutdown With New Bill
Police Officers Are Rarely Convicted In Fatal Shootings
Rep. John Lewis Is Protesting Trump's Visit To A Civil Rights Museum
Ambassador Nikki Haley Suggests US May Not Go To The 2018 Olympics
Trump Declares Dec. 7 Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
Former Rep. Harold Ford Jr. Fired From Bank Job Over Misconduct Claim
Sen. Franken's Resignation Raises The Stakes For Minn. 2018 Elections
Franken Takes A Shot At Trump, Moore In Resignation Announcement
What Shootings Like Sandy Hook Say About Americans And Guns
100 Nations Have Banned Cluster Bombs. So Why Won't The US?
2 Students Killed In Shooting At New Mexico High School
One-Of-A-Kind Studio Empowers Artists With Disabilities
The Toll Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Takes On Survivors
Former S.C. Officer Gets 20 Years In Prison For Killing Walter Scott
Sen. Al Franken Is Resigning Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations
A Judge Issues An Arrest Warrant For A Former Argentinian President
Ex-USA Gymnastics Doctor Sentenced On Federal Child Porn Charges
Why Democrats May Have Waited To Push Al Franken To Resign
Ripple Effect: Water Reuse Policy
Trump Jr. Cites Attorney-Client Privilege In Russia Inquiry
Powerful Winds Threaten To Make Southern California Fires Even Worse
Astronomers Found The Most Distant Supermassive Black Hole Ever Seen
World Leaders Are Speaking Out Against Trump's Jerusalem Announcement
Hours Ahead Of Shutdown, Trump To Meet With Congressional Leaders
Hamas Leader Calls For Uprising After Trump's Jerusalem Announcement
Hackers May Have Stolen Millions Of Dollars In Bitcoin
Australia Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage
Former Volkswagen Manager Sentenced To 7 Years For 'Dieselgate' Role
'Detective Pikachu' Is Going To Be Played By ... Ryan Reynolds?
Trump Jr. Says Hope Hicks Advised In Russia Meeting Response
How Russia Differs From Others That Competed Under The Olympic Flag
An Atlanta Mayoral Candidate Is Calling For A Recount — Again
4 Large Wildfires Are Now Ravaging Southern California
President Donald Trump Urges Saudi Arabia To Allow Supplies Into Yemen
Ranking Democrat: Whistleblower Has Evidence Against Mike Flynn
John Conyers III Was Once Arrested On Suspicion Of Domestic Abuse
How Natural Disasters Pushed The FCC To Update Emergency Alert Systems
House Sends Concealed Carry Bill To Uncertain Future In Senate
Dozens Of Democrats Call For Sen. Franken To Step Down
Google And Amazon's Feud Is Getting Ugly — And Might Affect Customers
Israeli Leaders Cheer Trump After He Recognizes Jerusalem As Capital
Medicaid Crackdown Could Worsen States' Opioid Addiction Problem
How Vladimir Putin Could Be Russia's President For 4 Terms
Number Of Homeless People In The US Increased For First Time In Years
US Senators Call On Franken To Resign
Trump Is Moving The US Embassy In Israel To Jerusalem
6 Women Filed A Lawsuit Against Harvey Weinstein
A Texas Lawmaker Introduced Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump