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Jeff Sessions Says He Never Intended To Split Immigrant Families
Trump Administration Asks To Extend Detention Limit For Migrant Kids
Columnist, Commentator Charles Krauthammer Dead At 68
First Lady Melania Trump Visits Child Detention Center
Pentagon To House Thousands Of Migrant Children On Military Bases
Reuniting Immigrant Families Is Easier Said Than Done
There Aren't Many Laws Governing Facial Recognition At US Airports
The President Claimed Crime In Germany Is 'Way Up' — It's Down
No, Trump's New Immigration Policy Is Not Like Past Presidents'
Report: CBP Stops Sending Migrants With Kids For Criminal Prosecution
House Pushes Vote On Compromise Immigration Bill To Next Week
House GOP Targets Opioid Epidemic Amid Proposed Entitlement Cuts
Congress Wants to Fix Family Separation, But They Can't Agree On How
High Court Rules Online Retailers May Need To Charge State Sales Tax
White Women Voters Are A Wild Card — And Wildly Important
Sara Netanyahu Charged With Fraud, Breach Of Trust
Turkey Announces Retaliatory Tariffs On US Goods
Few Companies Are Equipped To Hire And Work With Autistic Employees
Public Support For The Death Penalty Is On The Decline
Up For Debate: Do Millennials Stand A Chance?
Trump Rolls Back Obama-Era Water Protections
Organizer Of Last Year's Charlottesville Rally Approved For Another
What Trump's Family Separation Executive Order Does And Doesn't Do
City Of Charleston Officially Apologizes For Its Role In Slavery
Report: Water Contaminants Once Thought Safe Linked To Cancer
Tesla Sues An Ex-Employee It Claims Stole Sensitive Data
Senate Rejects Trump's $15 Billion Clawback Bill In Procedural Vote
Report Finds Nearly 1 In 5 Full-Time Teachers Works A Second Job
Airlines To Government: Don't Move Separated Kids On Our Planes
Britain Addresses Domestic Violence Spike During World Cup
What NASA Plans To Do About Asteroids
Hungary Just Took Steps To Crack Down On Illegal Immigration
For Many Central American Migrants, The US Border Is The Only Hope
Starbucks To Close 3 Times More Stores In 2019 Than In Past Years
Lawmakers React To President Trump's Order To Keep Families Together
Drones Endanger Other Aircraft, But Finding Culprit Pilots Is Tricky
Why Trump Admin. Blames Immigration 'Loopholes' For Family Breakups
Michael Cohen Reportedly Resigns From Post On RNC Committee
TSA Homes In On Powder In Carry-On Bags
Trump Signs Order Allowing Migrant Families To Be Detained Together
Chris Hardwick And The Scrutiny Of The Nerd Entertainment Industry
EU Announces Retaliatory Tariffs Against The US
The Federal Judiciary Spans 50 States, 100s Of Judges, 1,000s Of Cases
California Bill To Change Standard On Police Deadly Force Advances
Kate Spade New York Donating To Suicide Prevention Groups
AP: Babies And Young Children Are Being Taken To 'Tender Age' Shelters
Bidding War For 21st Century Fox Continues — Disney Offers $71.3B
Technology Has The Power To Help People With Autism Cope
Washington, D.C., Approves Controversial Wage Hike For Tipped Workers
Kim Jong-Un Wraps Up His Third Trip To China
Maker Of OxyContin Has Fired The Rest Of Its Sales Team
North Korea To Return Remains Of Up To 200 US Service Members
Canada's Legislature Just Voted To Legalize Marijuana
Trump Gives His Support To Both House GOP Immigration Bills
UN Report: More Than 68 Million Were Forcibly Displaced In 2017
The US' Departure Could Weaken The UN Human Rights Council
Sen. Elizabeth Warren Plans To Block Trump's CFPB Nominee
NYC Wants To Cut Down Arrests For Smoking Pot In Public
Ben Rhodes Talks Russia, The Iran Deal And His Time In The White House
NBA Player Sterling Brown Sues Milwaukee Over Arrest
The US Is Leaving The United Nations Human Rights Council
Faith Leaders Led A Prayer Vigil For Families Separated At The Border
It'll Soon Be Easier For Small Businesses To Get Group Health Care
Trump Defends Zero-Tolerance Immigration Policy
Looming Trade War Could Hurt US-China Cooperation On North Korea
More Governors Refuse To Send Troops To Border Amid Family Separations
What WHO's Gaming Addiction Diagnosis Means For The US
Sports Fans Shake The Ground So Much, It Spawned A New Kind Of Science
A New VA Report Examines The Suicide Rate Among Veterans
Attorneys General Demand An End To Separation Of Immigrant Families
Report: 2.4M US Homes At Risk Of Chronic Flooding By End Of 2100
Facebook Fundraiser To Reunite Immigrant Families Raises Over $16M
Dream Jobs: Chocolate Maker
The US Is Suspending A Major Military Exercise With South Korea
More Democratic Lawmakers Are Calling on Kirstjen Nielsen To Resign
Have A Weakened Immune System? Reconsider That Tattoo
Judge Permanently Blocks Kansas Proof Of Citizenship Law
House Immigration Bills: What's At Stake?
Senate Passes Defense Policy Bill With ZTE Penalties Amendment
North Korea's Leader Visiting China For Third Time This Year
Trump Is Threatening To Impose More Tariffs Against China
Sen. Ted Cruz Announces Bill Meant To Keep Migrant Families Together
Nielsen: Migrants Aren't Being 'Turned Away' But Told To 'Come Back'
Trump Admin. Says Rise In Family Separations Is On Congress. It's Not.
Justice Dept. Asks Supreme Court To Narrow 'Sanctuary City' Injunction
3 Governors Refuse To Send Troops To Border Amid Family Separations
Sen. Kamala Harris Calls On DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen To Resign
Bourbon: One Of The All-American Targets For Counter-Tariffs
A 'Zero-Tolerance' Policy Is Splitting Up More Families At The Border
Trump Orders The Creation Of A 'Space Force' Military Branch
Surprise World Cup Victory Really Shook Mexico — Literally
Homeland Security: Just 'A Matter Of Time' Until Planes Are Hacked
Video Game Loot Boxes Hook Players The Same Way Gambling Does
iPhones Will Soon Share Location Data With 911 Call Centers
WHO Says Playing Video Games Persistently Could Be Bad For Your Health
Supreme Court Decides Against Getting Involved In Gerrymandering Cases
Merkel May Get More Time To Reach Immigration Deal
Audi's CEO Arrested In Germany Over Concerns Of Evidence Suppression
Single Fathers Are At Higher Risk For Health Concerns
Conservative Ivan Duque Wins Colombia's Presidential Election