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Jeff Sessions and two security agents.

Jeff Sessions Says He Never Intended To Split Immigrant Families

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in an interview he never intended to separate families, but his previous statements contradict that.


0:45Central Processing Center
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Trump Administration Asks To Extend Detention Limit For Migrant Kids

0:39Unaccompanied minors in the back of a U.S. Border Patrol vehicle
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Pentagon To House Thousands Of Migrant Children On Military Bases

2:07Central American asylum-seekers are taken into custody
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Reuniting Immigrant Families Is Easier Said Than Done

1:22U.S. President Donald Trump
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The President Claimed Crime In Germany Is 'Way Up' — It's Down

0:44A person holds a U.S. flag and immigration paperwork
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House Pushes Vote On Compromise Immigration Bill To Next Week

1:29A Walgreens pharmacist disposing of OxyContin.
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House GOP Targets Opioid Epidemic Amid Proposed Entitlement Cuts

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Congress Wants to Fix Family Separation, But They Can't Agree On How

1:00Supreme Court building
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High Court Rules Online Retailers May Need To Charge State Sales Tax

2:532016 voting in Utah
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White Women Voters Are A Wild Card — And Wildly Important

0:54President Donald Trump
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Trump Rolls Back Obama-Era Water Protections

0:58A U.S. border patrol agent searches a migrant family
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What Trump's Family Separation Executive Order Does And Doesn't Do

0:54U.S. Capitol
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Senate Rejects Trump's $15 Billion Clawback Bill In Procedural Vote

1:16Donald Trump holds signed executive order
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Lawmakers React To President Trump's Order To Keep Families Together

3:05U.S. Border Patrol agent watch over a group of Central American asylum seekers before taking them into custody
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Why Trump Admin. Blames Immigration 'Loopholes' For Family Breakups

0:36Michael Cohen
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Michael Cohen Reportedly Resigns From Post On RNC Committee

0:48U.S. President Donald Trump signs an executive order
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Trump Signs Order Allowing Migrant Families To Be Detained Together

2:46Supreme Court
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The Federal Judiciary Spans 50 States, 100s Of Judges, 1,000s Of Cases

0:56Child standing next to a border patrol officer
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AP: Babies And Young Children Are Being Taken To 'Tender Age' Shelters

0:462004 rally in Ottawa to legalize marijuana
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Canada's Legislature Just Voted To Legalize Marijuana

0:41President Donald Trump
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Trump Gives His Support To Both House GOP Immigration Bills

0:57UN Human Rights Council chambers

The US' Departure Could Weaken The UN Human Rights Council

5:22Ben Rhodes and Chance Seales

Ben Rhodes Talks Russia, The Iran Deal And His Time In The White House

0:35US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley
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The US Is Leaving The United Nations Human Rights Council

2:44Female faith leaders participate in a prayer vigil outside Customs and Border Protection headquarters

Faith Leaders Led A Prayer Vigil For Families Separated At The Border

0:57President Donald Trump
The White House

Trump Defends Zero-Tolerance Immigration Policy

0:42Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen
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More Democratic Lawmakers Are Calling on Kirstjen Nielsen To Resign

0:48Voters line up to cast their ballots.
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Judge Permanently Blocks Kansas Proof Of Citizenship Law

1:59Protesters at a DACA rally.
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House Immigration Bills: What's At Stake?

1:02US Capitol building
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Senate Passes Defense Policy Bill With ZTE Penalties Amendment

0:52Donald Trump
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Trump Is Threatening To Impose More Tariffs Against China