A clothing store employee

Minimum-Wage Workers In Illinois Are Getting A Raise

Illinois' governor signed a bill Tuesday that will gradually bump the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025.


1:20Concept image of high-speed train
California High-Speed Rail Authority

Govt. Canceling Federal Funds For California's High-Speed Rail Grants

1:24Matthew Whitaker
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Trump Calls Report He Tried To Interfere In Investigation 'Fake News'

1:14Students and supporters of West Virginia teachers hold up signs
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West Virginia Teachers Will Continue To Strike Wednesday

1:17Missiles on display at a parade in India
Office of the Indian Prime Minister

Kashmir Attack Could Spark Armed Conflict Between India And Pakistan

1:02St. Peter's Square in Vatican City
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NYT: Vatican Has Covert Rules For Priests Who Have Fathered Children

0:59Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro
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Maduro Says Russia Has Sent 300 Tons Of Humanitarian Aid To Venezuela

1:42Sen. Elizabeth Warren speaks at an event
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Elizabeth Warren Proposes Sweeping Universal Child Care Program

1:04European Union flags
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EU Parliament Committee Encourages Start Of US Trade Negotiations

1:10Southwest Airlines plane
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FAA Investigates Southwest Airlines For Baggage Weight Miscalculations

1:03Venezuelan National Assembly commission meeting
Venezuelan National Assembly

Venezuelan National Assembly Wants To Protect $3.2B From Maduro

1:02Roger Stone
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Roger Stone Apologizes To Judge For Controversial Instagram Post

1:10A group protesting President Donald Trump's declaration of a National Emergency
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16 States Sue Over President Trump's National Emergency Declaration

0:57European Union flags
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EU Warns Of Reduced US Imports If Trump Tariffs European Cars

1:56Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro
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Trump Calls Venezuela's President A 'Cuban Puppet' In Speech

4:50Students looking at book

Understanding The Pitfalls Of How We Teach Black History Today

0:54Travelers at Miami International Airport
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US Airlines To Offer More Gender Options In Booking Process

0:58gender neutral bathroom sign
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Virginia School Board May Remove Transgender Bathroom Ban

1:19Car bombing in Kashmir

Tensions Rise Between Pakistan And India In Disputed Kashmir Region

1:10Chinese flags
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China Says The US Is Trying To Block Its Economic Development

1:16ISIS fighters holding guns

Trump Calls On European Allies To Take Back Captured ISIS Fighters

0:50Children affected by a suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria.
Syria Civil Defense

Study Says 336 Chemical Attacks Launched During Syrian Civil War

0:52Anthony Weiner
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Former Rep. Anthony Weiner Released From Prison

4:50Illustration of father sold away from his family.
U.S. National Archives

How Racist History Books Spurred The Black History Education Of Today

0:32Payless storefront
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Payless Is Set To Close All Its Remaining US Stores

0:46Heather Nauert
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Heather Nauert Withdraws From Consideration For UN Ambassador

1:25Crime scene tape
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Illinois Manufacturing Company Set To Reopen Monday After Shooting

1:06Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guadó
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US Air Force Sends Humanitarian Aid For Venezuela

0:44President Trump
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President Trump Nominates New FEMA Director

1:27Police secure the area following a shooting at the Henry Pratt Company
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5 People Are Dead After A Shooting At An Aurora Manufacturing Plant

1:29Cardinal Archbishop emeritus Theodore McCarrick greets Pope Francis
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Pope Francis Dismisses Ex-Cardinal McCarrick