Ebola response team meets in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Ebola Outbreak Death Toll In Congo Reaches 400+

There are over 600 confirmed cases of the virus.


1:41A birds-eye view of the border at the southern end of James Johnson's farm in New Mexico.
Newsy / Jake Godin

Small Bordertown Finds Itself In Middle Of Political Debate Over Wall

1:17An image of a border crossing between the United States and Mexico.
Newsy / Dave Franco

How Trump's Dream Wall Stacks Up To What's Already There

0:48Scott A. Wirtz, a Defense Intelligence Agency civilian.
U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency

3 Out Of 4 Americans Killed In Syria Bombing Have Been Identified

1:21Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin
Getty Images

Mnuchin Reportedly Suggested Easing Tariffs On Chinese Goods

1:04President Donald Trump walks with Kim Jong Un's envoy Kim Yong Chol and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
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Top North Korean Envoy Arrives In Washington DC

2:28Brexit protesters in front of the U.K. parliament
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No-Deal Brexit Threat Hangs Over EU Citizens In The U.K.

1:05French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe delivers a speech in 2018
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France Triggers Emergency Contingency Plan After Failed Brexit Vote

0:50People leave the crime scene of the attack on a hotel complex in Kenya
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Death Toll In Kenya Hotel Attack Rises

1:01U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May
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UK Prime Minister Theresa May Survives No-Confidence Vote

Pacific Ocean
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2018 Ocean Temperatures Were The Hottest On Record

1:02United Nations emblem
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A Third Of UN Staff Say They've Been Sexually Harassed In Past 2 Years

1:38Former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto
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Mexico's Former President Allegedly Accepted Bribe From 'El Chapo'

1:24Venezuela's National Assembly president Juan Guaidó
Juan Guaidó

The US Might Stop Recognizing Nicolas Maduro as Venezuela's President

1:42U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May
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What's Next For U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May?

0:46Houses of Parliament
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UK Lawmakers Vote Against Theresa May's Brexit Plan

0:44Laurent Gbagbo.
International Criminal Court

Former Ivory Coast President Acquitted By International Criminal Court

1:26Iranian President Hassan Rouhani
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Iran Launches Satellite That Failed To Reach Orbit

1:03Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro
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Venezuelan President Proposes Raising Minimum Wage 300 Percent

1:12Chinese flag
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Canadian Prime Minister Reacts To China's Sentence Of Canadian Citizen

0:50Emergency workers in protective suits
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Chemical Weapons Watchdog To Ban Novichok Nerve Agents

1:16U.S. and China flags
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China's Exports Fell In December, But Trade Surplus With US Is Growing

0:54Houses of Parliament
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UK Lawmakers Set To Vote On Theresa May's Brexit Plan

0:59Wreckage from Lion Air flight JT 610 lies at the Tanjung Priok port.
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Divers Recover Cockpit Voice Recorder From Lion Air Plane Crash

1:11Turkish flag in front of Istanbul skyline
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Turkey Responds To Trump's 'Economic Devastation' Threat

1:23Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
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Pompeo Meets With Saudi Crown Prince In Riyadh

0:52Eiffel Tower
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Yellow Vest Protests Continue In France For 9th Week

1:03Macedonians hold Macedonian flags during a protest
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Macedonian Parliament Approves Name Change

0:51Canadian Flag
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Canada Plans To Add A Million Immigrants Over The Next Three Years

0:57Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun
CNN Newsource

Saudi Woman Fleeing Alleged Abuse Granted Asylum In Canada

1:40President Jair Bolsonaro is recognized as commander-in-chief of Brazil's Armed Forces during his inauguration
Getty Images / Bruna Prado / Stringer

Brazil's New Forest Policies Could Cause Worldwide CO2 Impacts