An electric car at a charging station

Colorado Adopts Zero-Emission Vehicle Standard

​In an 8-1 vote, Colorado's Air Quality Control Commission approved adopting a zero-emission vehicle standard for the state.


1:22General Electric logo
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General Electric Shares Down Following Whistleblower Report

1:20People participating in a naturalization ceremony
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More States Sue Trump Administration Over 'Public Charge' Rule

2:48Joe Motz is biking 6,500 miles around the country to raise money for Parkinson's research

Ohio Man Pledges To Bike 6,500 Miles For Parkinson's Research

1:46A man fishes near icebergs in the Ilulissat Icefjord on August 04, 2019 in Ilulissat, Greenland
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Trump Reportedly Wants To Buy Greenland — And It's Not Unheard Of

1:10New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo
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N.Y. Gov. Moves To Classify Hate-Motivated Mass Violence As Terrorism

1:48NY Metropolitan Correctional Facility, where Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his jail cell, is seen on August 10, 2019
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Jeffrey Epstein's Autopsy Shows Broken Hyoid, Other Neck Fractures

0:54FCC logo
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FCC Proposes A New Suicide Prevention Hotline Number

2:09Immigrant families wait to be interviewed by U.S. Border Patrol agents on July 02, 2019  in Los Ebanos, Texas.
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U.S. Appeals Court Upholds Sanitary Conditions For Children At Border

3:04Nicetown-Tioga resident Nancy Walker
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Philadelphia Shootout Increases Pressure For State Gun Control

4:44Dayton police officers return to search for more evidence at the scene of the August 4th mass shooting
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Report: Connection Between Mental Health & Mass Violence Is Overstated

0:41Corey Lewandowski
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House Judiciary Committee Subpoenas Corey Lewandowski

0:57Georgia voting booths
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Judge Orders Georgia To Update Voting Machines For 2020 Primary

1:43Person eats fried food at the Iowa State Fair

The Food Of The Iowa State Fair

2:01An employee checks a Boeing 737 MAX 9 airplane from a lift outside the government contractor's factory
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How A 'Religious Exemptions' Proposal Could Impact Hiring Rules

0:53Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper
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John Hickenlooper Ends Presidential Bid

1:12USA celebrate victory during the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup
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U.S. Women's Soccer Team Ends Talks With U.S. Soccer Federation

1:07A Philadelphia police officer
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Philadelphia Gunman In Custody After Nearly 8-Hour Standoff

2:29Baby and parent with matching tattoos
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Why Some Scientists Think Newborns Look More Like Their Dads

1:09Planned Parenthood building
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Planned Parenthood Could Leave Title X Program Unless Court Intervenes

1:04Department of Labor
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Labor Dept. Rule Would Give Businesses Hiring 'Religious Exemptions'

2:29Governor Cuomo Signs the Child Victims Act on February 14, 2019
Office of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo

New Law In New York Lets People File Old Child Sexual Abuse Claims

3:37The Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City
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Epstein Is Just One Of Many Problems Facing The Bureau Of Prisons

1:44Woman visits memorial site at El Paso Walmart
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Walmart Removes 'Violent' Merchandise From Its Website

0:42Scans of lungs with tuberculosis
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FDA Approves New Treatment For Drug-Resistant Forms Of Tuberculosis

0:56Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai
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FCC Chairman Approves Proposed Merger Between Sprint And T-Mobile

1:07Mark Zuckerberg gives a presentation about Facebook Messenger
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Facebook Suspends Human Review Of Messenger Audio

2:07President Donald Trump
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California Counties Sue Over Trump's 'Public Charge' Rule

1:01A$AP Rocky
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Swedish Court Finds A$AP Rocky Guilty Of Assault

1:33The Metropolitan Correctional Center
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DOJ Temporarily Reassigns Warden Of Jail Where Epstein Died

1:29Dayton Police release maps showing gunman's route
Dayton Police Department

Police Build Timeline Of Dayton Gunman's Actions Before, During Attack