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A facial recognition camera

There Aren't Many Laws Governing Facial Recognition At US Airports

Orlando International Airport will scan the faces of travelers arriving on international flights. These tools still aren't closely regulated.


1:15Asteroids orbiting in our solar system

What NASA Plans To Do About Asteroids

1:45A drone in New York City
Getty Images

Drones Endanger Other Aircraft, But Finding Culprit Pilots Is Tricky

1:42social media apps

Technology Has The Power To Help People With Autism Cope

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Facebook Fundraiser To Reunite Immigrant Families Raises Over $16M

0:36Delta Airlines Boeing 757
Getty Images

Homeland Security: Just 'A Matter Of Time' Until Planes Are Hacked

2:05A loot box
Blizzard Entertainment

Video Game Loot Boxes Hook Players The Same Way Gambling Does

0:59Person holding iPhone
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iPhones Will Soon Share Location Data With 911 Call Centers

0:27Oprah Winfrey
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Oprah Winfrey Signs Multi-Year Content Deal With Apple

1:20Illustration of Chicago Express Loop
The Boring Company

Elon Musk's Boring Company Won A Bid To Build A Loop In Chicago

1:00Apple iPhone
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Apple May Be Making It Harder For Law Enforcement To Get iPhone Data

2:02Equipment from an AT&T mobile telephone switching office
Getty Images / John W. Adkisson

The US' National Broadband Map Could Be Further Hurt By AT&T's Merger

0:58Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai.
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Net Neutrality Rules Are Officially Coming To An End

1:28A drone helicopter captures another drone helicopter in a net
U.S. Air Force

When Can The Government Bring Down A Drone?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
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Facebook Automatically Set 14 Million Users' Posts To Public

1:01The "Google" logo is projected on a man's face
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Google Won't Use AI For Weapons Or For Surveillance 'Violating Norms'

0:53Facebook news feed
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Facebook Says It's Creating Original News Programs

2:15New Apple iOS 12 digital health update

Apple's Tools To Manage Screen Time Are A Step In The Right Direction

1:49Screenshot of "Active Shooter" game.
Acid / "Active Shooter"

What Happens To Video Games That Mimic Real-Life Violence

2:02Protestors hold signs denouncing Facebook's data collection practices
Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

Facebook Collects Data On People Who Don't Even Have An Account

0:58Facebook app on a cellphone
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Facebook Defends Itself Against New York Times Report On Data-Sharing

0:54Apple CEO Tim Cook and iPhone customers
Getty Images

Apple Is Trying To Get People To Use Their Phones — Less

0:41MQ-1 Predator drone
U.S. Air Force

Google Will Reportedly Stop Analyzing Pentagon Drone Footage

2:00An example of Locky ransomware is displayed on a computer
Christiaan Colen / CC BY-SA 2.0

Why Ransomware Is The Most Popular Tool For Cyberattacks

0:46Front sign at Facebook headquarters

Facebook Set To Eliminate The Trending Tab Next Week

0:52Amazon boxes on a desk
David / CC BY 0

Amazon To Block Australian Customers From Its International Websites

2:35Artificial intelligence exhibit
Getty Images

AI 'Thinks' Using Deep Neural Networks, But They're Still A Mystery

1:02Facebook on a phone

Pew Survey Says Teenagers Are Signing Off Facebook

0:44Tesla Model 3

A Software Fix Made A Big Difference For The Tesla Model 3's Brakes

1:04An Xbox One controller is used.
Getty Images

'Active Shooter' Video Game Pulled Amid Massive Backlash

Robert / CC BY 2.0

FBI Tells People To Reboot Routers, Warns Of Major Malware Infection