SpaceX CEO Elon Musk

SpaceX Successfully Tests Its Biggest Rocket So Far

The rocket can lift 100,000 pounds into orbit.


3:15NASA's Curiosity Mars rover selfie
NASA JPL/Caltech

Why Do We Treat Our Spacecraft Like They're Humans?

1:21Spacesuit being used on a space walk

NASA's New Spacesuit Program Is Way Off Course

1:00NASA's Cassini spacecraft

NASA's Cassini Probe Goes Where No Spacecraft Has Gone Before

0:56Astronaut Peggy Whitson

NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson Keeps Breaking Space Records

1:21A graphic of the vast number of satellites and debris orbiting Earth.
European Space Agency

The Risk Of Chain-Reaction Collisions Above Earth Is Only Growing

0:32Cygnus spacecraft approaching the International Space Station

NASA Launches Spacecraft Named After John Glenn To Resupply ISS

1:36Engineer stands in front of James Webb telescope's first few mirrors

How Does NASA Transport A Massive $9 Billion Telescope?

1:12NASA's Cassini spacecraft.

Glory And Destruction Await One Of NASA's Most Famous Craft

1:04Richard Branson
Getty Images

Richard Branson Wants To Send People Into Space In 2018

1:13SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket sits on a launchpad.

SpaceX Hits A Major Milestone On Its Way To Mars

1:08SpaceX rocket launching from launch pad

SpaceX Is Launching A Recycled Rocket

0:42Astronaut conducting spacewalk outside of the International Space Station

Spacewalk Prepares ISS For Commercial Crew

1:38Blue Origin rocket taking off from launch pad
Blue Origin

Move Over, Mars — Everyone Wants To Go To The Moon

1:12SpaceX rocket launch from launch pad
SpaceX / CC0

Don't Wait For SpaceX. You Can Take A Space-cation Now

0:44The SpaceX Falcon Heavy
SpaceX / CC0

People Are Buying Private SpaceX Trips Around The Moon

0:50SpaceX Dragon ship

SpaceX Tried (And Failed) To Dock Its Cargo Pod On The ISS

1:03Astronaut John Glenn in front of the Friendship 7 spacecraft

John Glenn Made History — Without A College Degree

1:31SLS rocket on launch pad

Whether It's To The Moon Or Mars, NASA Wants Astronauts Flying Soon

0:53A SpaceX launch
SpaceX / CC0

NASA's Commercial Crew Flights Are Probably Delayed — Again

The crew of Space Shuttle Columbia
Getty Images

NASA Remembers Fallen Astronauts Of Apollo 1, Challenger, Columbia

1:10An astronaut sleeps on the International Space Station.

NASA's Lighting Experiment May Help Astronauts Finally Get Some Sleep

1:15Flacon 9 rocket launch
Getty Images

After Its Next Launch, SpaceX Will Probably Only Use Reusable Rockets

1:44Gene Cernan in the Lunar Module

Gene Cernan Really Wanted Us To Return To The Moon

0:56An plane flies in front of the moon
Getty Images

This Company Wants To Mine The Moon. Now It Has The Money To Get There

A Falcon 9 rocket on the launchpad

Why Rocket Explosions Aren't Dampening SpaceX's Ambitious Plans

0:33SpaceX CEO Elon Musk talking to reporters.
Getty Images

SpaceX Finally Explains Why Its Rocket Exploded In September

1:20A vulture in front of a space shuttle
Getty Images

How To Keep Birds From Sabotaging The US Space Program

2:25Renderings of crew capsules from SpaceX and Boeing.
SpaceX, Boeing

Wasn't The US Supposed To Launch Astronauts Again In 2017?

1:14U.S. Astronaut Alan Shepard

The Underwear Oversight Of The Early US Space Program

0:52Former astronaut John Glenn

John Glenn, Astronaut And Former US Senator, Dies At Age 95