SpaceX's Falcon Heavy lifting off amid a dust cloud

SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Launch Was Impressive Despite Years Of Delays

Elon Musk's predictions that the rocket would launch in early 2013 were wildly optimistic, but the original plan wasn't this cool.


:37The International Space Station

Cosmonauts Put Antenna On Wrong During Record-Setting Space Walk

1:06Former Russian cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov completes maintainance on the International Space Station

Russian Cosmonauts Will Take Tourists On Spacewalks For A Modest $100M

1:18The Humanity Star satellite sitting on the ground
Rocket Lab

The Humanity Star Is The Inspirational Satellite Nobody Asked For

:35Animation of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch

Guess How Many Engines SpaceX's Giant Falcon Heavy Rocket Has?

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Google Lunar X Prize

Google's Race To The Moon Competition Ended Without A Winner

1:51A scale model of the James Webb Space Telescope

What's Taking NASA's James Webb Telescope So Long To Launch?

1:13Falcon Heavy rocket on launch pad

What To Know About SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Rocket Before It Launches

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SpaceX Might Have Lost A Super-Secret US Government Satellite

0:21John Young

John Young, NASA Astronaut Who Walked on Moon, Has Died

0:38A Soyuz spacecraft's launch to the ISS Sunday

Reinforcements Heading To The International Space Station

2:01Astronaut on the surface of the moon

Manned Moon Missions Ended After Apollo 17 — That Was 45 Years Ago

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Scientists Throw Cold Water On Mars Water Finding

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Spending Too Much Time In Space Could Literally Mess With Your Brain

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U.S. Air Force

What We Know About The Secretive Space Plane SpaceX Just Launched

1:05NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson

Astronaut Shatters More Records With Her Latest Spaceflight

1:28An artist's rendering of the Dragonfly quadcopter
APL / Mike Carroll

Future Rovers May Look Really Different Than Much Of What We've Seen

1:08Elon Musk talking
Getty Images

Here's What Elon Musk Wants Astronauts To Wear On The SpaceX Dragon

1:02Simorgh rocket launching
Iranian Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics

Iran Says It Launched A Rocket That Can Put A Satellite Into Orbit

0:55A look from above Pluto.

NASA Is Letting You See What It's Like To Fly Over Pluto

1:06Animated robot
​Google Lunar XPRIZE

How This Company Plans To Mine The Moon's Resources By 2020

0:58President Trump shows off the executive order recreating the National Space Council.
The White House

President Trump Is Getting Serious About Exploring Space

0:50PLATO spacecraft
European Space Agency

ESA Spacecraft Brings Search For Habitable Exoplanets Closer To Home

2:14Landed sounding rocket motor in field
Poker Flat Research Range

A NASA Engineer Has A Creative New Way To Find Missing Rockets

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Elon Musk Thinks He Has A Way To Make Colonizing Mars Cheaper

1:39Orion spacecraft takes off from launchpad.
Getty Images

NASA Could Face Big Cuts, But We Might Still Go To Mars

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NASA's Next Astronaut Class May Not Be Going Anywhere For A While

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Rocket Lab

This Small, 3-D Printed Rocket Could Make It Easier To Get To Space

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Juno's First Results Show Us Jupiter Is One Seriously Angry Giant

0:53Inside the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame
NASA / Kennedy Space Center

What's Better Than Going To Space? Being In The Astronaut Hall Of Fame

1:06Astronaut performing spacewalk outside of International Space Station

NASA Completes Milestone 200th ISS Spacewalk