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President Donald Trump

Trump Rolls Back Obama-Era Water Protections

The Obama-era policy aimed to protect oceans, the coasts and the great lakes.


0:50People drink from a water fountain
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Report: Water Contaminants Once Thought Safe Linked To Cancer

1:15Asteroids orbiting in our solar system

What NASA Plans To Do About Asteroids

1:42social media apps

Technology Has The Power To Help People With Autism Cope

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Maker Of OxyContin Has Fired The Rest Of Its Sales Team

1:58Game enthusiasts play video games
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What WHO's Gaming Addiction Diagnosis Means For The US

1:29Mexican soccer fans celebrate a World Cup group stage win over Germany in Mexico City
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Sports Fans Shake The Ground So Much, It Spawned A New Kind Of Science

0:46Military member salutes
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A New VA Report Examines The Suicide Rate Among Veterans

1:28Houses lie along a beach in California
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Report: 2.4M US Homes At Risk Of Chronic Flooding By End Of 2100

1:51Tattooist applies ink on a back
Wang He

Have A Weakened Immune System? Reconsider That Tattoo

1:08President Donald Trump
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Trump Orders The Creation Of A 'Space Force' Military Branch

2:05A loot box
Blizzard Entertainment

Video Game Loot Boxes Hook Players The Same Way Gambling Does

1:07A person is shown playing a video game
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WHO Says Playing Video Games Persistently Could Be Bad For Your Health


Single Fathers Are At Higher Risk For Health Concerns

1:02Bottles of beer
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Federal Study On Alcohol To Be Canceled Due To Credibility Issues

2:39Hands pull a stretchy, self healing hydrogel.
2018 KAUST

3D Printing And Stretchable Skin Gel Could Change How We Heal Wounds

0:50Honey Smacks cereal
U.S. Food and Drug Administration

CDC: Multistate Salmonella Outbreak Linked To A Kellogg's Cereal

0:53Lion in South Africa
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Study Says Some Animals Are Becoming More Nocturnal To Avoid Humans

1:2720-year-olds in Japan take part in the annual Coming of Age Day
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Facing An Aging Population, Japan Lowers Its Legal Age Of Adulthood

1:27construction in Miami
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Coastal Real Estate Is Already Feeling The Costs Of Sea Level Rise

0:41Walgreens Pharmacy
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Walgreens Is The Target Of A New Opioid-Related Lawsuit

1:15An explosive is detonated at an A & G Coal Corporation surface mining operation.
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Interior Dept. Hasn't Sufficiently Explained Why It Nixed Coal Study

2:53A doctor holds an intrauterine device
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How IUDs Became One Of Doctors' Top Contraceptive Choices

0:53Water drips from a faucet
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California Has New Water Laws, And They've Been Wildly Misinterpreted

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Study: Over One-Third Of Adults Take Meds Linked To Depression Risk

4:19Kristof Grina
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Dream Jobs: Urban Farmer

1:33A tractor in a field of crops
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Just 100 Nuke Detonations Could Cause Worldwide Food Shortages

2:42Karrisa Mickelson of Iowa, 11, saved and raised money to get Daisy Anguiano, who is fighting cancer, an American Girl doll.
Nebraska Medicine

An 11-Year-Old Stranger Bought $115 Doll For Girl Fighting Rare Cancer

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The Maker Of OxyContin Is The Target Of Yet Another Lawsuit

3:01Angelia Jolie, like many women, made the decision to undergo a preventive double mastectomy
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Pop Culture Is Influencing Women's Breast Cancer Decisions


Study: US Toddlers Are Getting Too Much Sugar Too Early