Up For Debate: Should The US Legalize Assisted Suicide?

Newsy partners with Intelligence Squared U.S. to restore critical thinking. In this debate: Should the U.S. legalize physician assisted suicide?


3:19Man at the voting booth
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The Grand History Of Broken Promises From Presidential Candidates

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Scientists Are Fighting Over Whether We Should Contact Aliens

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A Brain-centric Approach To Exercise

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Dream Jobs: Interior Decorator

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Congress To Take Up 'Ban The Box' Bill

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Dream Jobs: Bed And Breakfast Owner

4:10A woman walks by a mural in downtown El Paso.
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Border Closure Delayed, But Anxiety Still High For El Paso Community

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The Lancet

Study: It's What We're NOT Eating That's Killing Us

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DOJ Says Banning Netflix From The Oscars Could Break The Law

3:27Pamphlets offered to domestic violence survivors at a local shelter in Henderson, Nevada.

Democrats Blast NRA For Opposition To Violence Against Women Act


20 Million Strong: Stories Of Unsung Asian American Heroes

3:41March For Our Lives protesters
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Senate Debates 'Extreme Risk' Gun Confiscation Laws

Professional organizer Kay Keyhani with Newsy's Chance Seales
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Teens Are More Anxious Than Ever: The Physical Toll On Their Brains

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The Essential Science Of Essential Oils

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Dream Jobs: Pop Culture Reporter

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The Big Business of Photo Filters

6:15Andy Parker

Father Says YouTube Is Fueling Conspiracy Theories On Daughter's Death


One Man's Plan To Fix Contempt In Politics

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1:05The Chrysler Building
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New York's Famed Chrysler Building Reportedly Sold For $150 Million


'The Day Ahead' On Black Hair, Acceptance And How Far We Have To Go

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Are We Entering The Age Of The Biochip?


Workplaces Are Shifting As A Result Of The #MeToo Movement

4:17HBO's "Leaving Neverland"
HBO / "Leaving Neverland"

'Leaving Neverland' And The Reality Of Child Sexual Abuse

2:55Sabrina teenage witch reboot
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The Neuroscience Of Addictive Television

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Owning A Home Could Be A Waste

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