Teens saddened looking down

Teens Are More Anxious Than Ever: The Physical Toll On Their Brains

According to Pew, 70 percent of 13- to 17-year-olds think depression and anxiety are a "major problem" among their peers.


2:52Goop brand oils and lotions
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The Essential Science Of Essential Oils

3:19Sonia Rao with Newsy's Chance Seales
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Dream Jobs: Pop Culture Reporter

2:27Facetuned photo

The Big Business of Photo Filters

6:15Andy Parker

Father Says YouTube Is Fueling Conspiracy Theories On Daughter's Death


One Man's Plan To Fix Contempt In Politics

4:58Chance Seales and art gallerist
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Dream Jobs: Art Gallerist

1:05The Chrysler Building
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New York's Famed Chrysler Building Reportedly Sold For $150 Million


'The Day Ahead' On Black Hair, Acceptance And How Far We Have To Go

2:45Biochips in a pile
Three Square Media

Are We Entering The Age Of The Biochip?


Workplaces Are Shifting As A Result Of The #MeToo Movement

4:17HBO's "Leaving Neverland"
HBO / "Leaving Neverland"

'Leaving Neverland' And The Reality Of Child Sexual Abuse

2:55Sabrina teenage witch reboot
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The Neuroscience Of Addictive Television

2:33Empty bed in an apartment
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Owning A Home Could Be A Waste

4:11Hand watercoloring fruit
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Dream Jobs: Illustrator

3:41Screen printer
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Dream Jobs: Screen Printer

4:07Bartender pouring drink
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Dream Jobs: Bartender

2:40Amazon Echo devices
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Always Listening: Privacy In The Era Of Alexa And Smart Toilets

3:31Alfonso Ribeiro performs "The Carlton" on TV
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Why 'The Carlton' And The 'Milly Rock' Can't Legally Be Copyrighted

2:55John Kerry with a beer
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The Awkwardness Of Trying To Be A 'Relatable' Politician

4:50Police investigate the scene of a quadruple homicide on the city's Southside.
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Gun Violence In Chicago Communities Part Two

2:41Dating app icons
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Using The Word 'Love' In A Dating Profile Gets You More Matches

Courtesy of Liyna Anwar's Family

Journalist's Search For Bone Marrow Match Highlights Lack Of Diversity

3:31People holding hands

What A Tiny Rodent's Brain Can Tell Us About Love

5:59Garden in front of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
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Reliving The Parkland Shooting With The People Who Were There

4:47Police investigate the scene of a quadruple homicide on Chicago's South Side.
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Gun Violence In Chicago's Communities

4:02Maddy Wilford interning with the Broward County Hosptial
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Parkland Survivor Maddy Wilford Returns To Hospital — As An Intern

6:25Memorial to Nick Dworet who was shot and killed in the Parkland shooting
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For Some Parents Of Parkland Victims, Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds

3:56Parkland shooting survivor Anthony Borges shows scars
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The Road To Recovery For Parkland's Humble Hero, Anthony Borges

2:33A mother and her baby
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How Working Mothers Are Impacted By Breastfeeding Discrimination

4:59Doctor reviews patient options

How Doctors' Racial Biases Can Harm Black Patients