Alfonso Ribeiro performs "The Carlton" on TV

Why 'The Carlton' And The 'Milly Rock' Can't Legally Be Copyrighted

The U.S. Copyright Office has already ruled that the "Milly Rock" and "The Carlton" can't be copyrighted. So what now?


2:55John Kerry with a beer
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The Awkwardness Of Trying To Be A 'Relatable' Politician

4:50Police investigate the scene of a quadruple homicide on the city's Southside.
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Gun Violence In Chicago Communities Part Two

2:41Dating app icons
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Using The Word 'Love' In A Dating Profile Gets You More Matches

Courtesy of Liyna Anwar's Family

Journalist's Search For Bone Marrow Match Highlights Lack Of Diversity

3:31People holding hands

What A Tiny Rodent's Brain Can Tell Us About Love

3:31People holding hands

What A Tiny Rodent's Brain Can Tell Us About Love

5:59Garden in front of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
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Reliving The Parkland Shooting With The People Who Were There

4:47Police investigate the scene of a quadruple homicide on Chicago's South Side.
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Gun Violence In Chicago's Communities

4:02Maddy Wilford interning with the Broward County Hosptial
Courtesy of David Wilford

Parkland Survivor Maddy Wilford Returns To Hospital — As An Intern

6:25Memorial to Nick Dworet who was shot and killed in the Parkland shooting
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For Some Parents Of Parkland Victims, Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds

3:56Parkland shooting survivor Anthony Borges shows scars
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The Road To Recovery For Parkland's Humble Hero, Anthony Borges

2:33A mother and her baby
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How Working Mothers Are Impacted By Breastfeeding Discrimination

4:59Doctor reviews patient options

How Doctors' Racial Biases Can Harm Black Patients

6:38Volunteers distribute a lookalike "special edition" of The Washington Post.
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Shutting Out The Noise While Staying In The Know

2:26President Trump acknowledges guests at State of the Union
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'Skutniks' And The Art Of Name-Dropping During The State Of The Union

5:09Indiana State Rep. Chris Chyung
Madeline Carl

This Millennial Is Shaking Things Up In Indiana's State Legislature

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Dream Jobs: Cheesemonger

2:35Still from a Huggies diaper ad

Changing Tables Are Noticeably Absent In Mens' Bathrooms

3:44Sara Phillips
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Dream Jobs: Perfumer

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No Sweethearts! Iconic Valentine's Day Candy Not Sold This Year

2:53Man cleaning up graffiti

Public Service Bonds Us Beyond Identity and Politics

2:43Glass of water
Paolo Neo

The Government Shutdown Could Affect Our Drinking Water — Here's How

4:07Boy dances to Baby Shark'

How Did 'Baby Shark' Swim Its Way to Billboard's Top 100?

3:14Zack Mulligan (background) and Keire Johnson in Bing Liu's "Minding the Gap"
Bing Liu

How 'Minding The Gap' Embraces Skateboarding's Vulnerable Side

Game design teacher
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Dream Jobs: Game Designer

Madeline Carl

This College Student Led Her Own Women's March In Chicago

2:52Someone eating a salad
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'Diet Culture' Can Set Back People Recovering From Eating Disorders

2:51Hello Kitty merchandise
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Human Beings Evolved To Love Cuteness: How 'Kawaii' Conquered The West

0:50Les Moonves
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Les Moonves Will Go To Arbitration With CBS Over Severance

Andrew Shafer

Women In Chicago Can March On, Thanks To This College Student