North Korean nuclear test site

UN Report: North Korea Hasn't Stopped Its Nuclear, Missile Programs

A confidential report was submitted by independent experts to the United Nations Security Council late Friday.

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1:08U.S. President Donald Trump and Prime Minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte speak and take questions from the media.
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Why Talking With Iran Is So Tricky For The US

0:35American flag and Turkish flag
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US And Turkey In Sanctions Battle Over Detained American Pastor

1:07People protest in streets of Nicaragua
Voice of America

Influx Of Nicaraguan Refugees Flee To Costa Rica, UN Urges Support

1:04Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen
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No Evidence For Nielsen's Claim About Illegal Immigration Billboards

0:41Turkish flag
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Turkey Denies American Pastor's Appeal Despite US' Sanctions Threat

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New DHS Center Will Focus On Preventing Cyberattacks

0:48President Donald Trump
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President Trump Says He's Willing To Meet With Iran Next

0:41Taliban militants in Afghanistan
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US Diplomats May Have Held Talks With Taliban Representatives

1:28Return ceremony for supposed remains of U.S. veterans
U.S. Department of Defense

So Far, So Good For Trump's North Korea Diplomacy

0:42Julian Assange
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Ecuador, UK Discussing Julian Assange's Eviction From Embassy

2:47Exterior of the US Capitol building.
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The US Needs Better Nuclear Security. Can Congress Handle It?

0:33Sens. Cory Gardner, Tim Kaine, Jack Reed, John McCain
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Bill Would Give Senate A Say On Whether The US Can Leave NATO

0:59F-35 fighter jet
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US Defense Bill Would Suspend Fighter Jet Sales To Turkey

1:09Pakistani politician Imran Khan
Pakistan Tehkree-e-Inshaf

Pakistan's Next Leader Could Be On A Collision Course With Trump

0:55Pastor Andrew Brunson
U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom

Trump Administration Tells Turkey To Release American Pastor — Or Else

3:01The heads of U.S. intelligence agencies at a congressional hearing
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Why Some Ex-Intel Chiefs Still Have Security Clearances

2:20Cornfields in New Jersey.
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Farming Groups Prepare To Lose More Money Under Trump Tariffs

3:07"From Russia With Love" poster
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From Russia With Love: The History Of Russian Espionage In The US

1:49U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
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Mike Pompeo Heads To Congress To Clear The Air On Trump And Russia

2:34U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt
U.S. National Archives

The US' History Of Protecting Religious Freedom In Other Countries

2:52An Islamic student prays at the al Azhar mosque before heading into exams in Cairo, Egypt.
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Promoting Religious Freedom Abroad Is Strategic For The U.S.

1:54Iranian President Hassan Rouhani
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Trump Tweet Marks A New Low Point In Iran-US Relations

0:54Exterior of the White House
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White House Clarifies Trump's 'Big Hoax' Tweet

0:36Ukrainian soldiers
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US Will Send Ukraine $200M To Boost Defenses

0:46Soliders in Ukraine
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White House: Trump Won't Support Ukraine Referendum

1:11Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein
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DOJ Says It Will Publicly Call Out Election Influence Campaigns

0:53President Trump and Russian President Putin
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Dan Coats Doesn't Know What Happened In Trump, Putin Meeting

0:40President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin
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The White House Is In Talks For Putin Visit This Fall

0:53US President Donald Trump and RussianPresident Vladimir Putin
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Trump Now 'Disagrees' With Putin Offer He First Called 'Incredible'

1:04President Donald Trump
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Here's Why People Are Talking About The Tiny Country Of Montenegro