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A Walgreens pharmacist disposing of OxyContin.

House GOP Targets Opioid Epidemic Amid Proposed Entitlement Cuts

House Republicans are considering dozens of bills aimed at eliminating the opioid crisis a week after proposing budget cuts to Medicaid and Medicare.


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Congress Wants to Fix Family Separation, But They Can't Agree On How

0:54U.S. Capitol
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Senate Rejects Trump's $15 Billion Clawback Bill In Procedural Vote

1:16Donald Trump holds signed executive order
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Lawmakers React To President Trump's Order To Keep Families Together

0:41President Donald Trump
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Trump Gives His Support To Both House GOP Immigration Bills

0:42Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen
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More Democratic Lawmakers Are Calling on Kirstjen Nielsen To Resign

1:59Protesters at a DACA rally.
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House Immigration Bills: What's At Stake?

1:02US Capitol building
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Senate Passes Defense Policy Bill With ZTE Penalties Amendment

0:55U.S. Department of Justice
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Controversial FBI Agent Says He's Willing To Testify Before Congress

0:53House Speaker Paul Ryan
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House GOP Immigration Bill Addresses Dreamers And The Border Wall

2:49Sen. Bill Cassidy
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This GOP Senator Is Hoping To Tackle Health Care Again

6:10U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine (D) Virginia

Sen. Tim Kaine On Midterms, Confederate Statues And North Korea

1:54President Trump at the White House.
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GOP Lawmakers Fear More Tariffs Will Kill U.S. Jobs

0:48House Speaker Paul Ryan
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House Speaker Paul Ryan Urged GOP Not To Force DACA Vote

0:47Mitch McConnell.
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McConnell Questions Bill To Check Trump's Tariff Authority

2:12Border wall prototype
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Even If The Senate Passes A Spending Bill, A Shutdown May Still Happen

1:22House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
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Pelosi Said Congress Allotted $1.6B For School Safety — Not Quite

1:06U.S. Capitol
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Another Republican Lawmaker Is Not Seeking Re-Election

1:19ZTE symbol
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Some Lawmakers Aren't Happy About Trump Administration's Deal With ZTE

1:18Rep. Mo Brooks
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Lawmaker Says Climate Change Increases Antarctic Ice — Nope

2:37Man takes health exam at home
American Psychological Association

What Is 'Health Equity'? Lawmakers Are Working To Get It On The Table

1:03U.S. Army soldiers train
U.S. Army

House Overwhelmingly Passes $717 Billion Defense Policy Bill

0:57Sens. Mark Warner, Robert Menendez, and Sherrod Brown
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Three Senators Want To Know Why There Aren't More Russia Sanctions

1:03Rep. Mark Meadows
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Republican Holdouts Could Torpedo Critical Agriculture Bill

1:07Special counsel Robert Mueller
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Mueller Hands Over Memo Outlining The Scope Of His Investigation

1:18ZTE logo
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House Subcommittee Takes Steps To Keep Sanctions On ZTE

0:48Gina Haspel
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Senate Approves Gina Haspel To Be The Next Director Of The CIA

3:25Smokey Robinson testifies before Senate committee
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Lawmakers Are Trying To Modernize Music Licensing Laws

0:58U.S. Capitol
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Senators Reportedly Close To Finalizing Sexual Harassment Legislation


Chelsea Manning On Whether Governments Can Keep Secrets

1:31Sen. John McCain
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White House Won't Say Much About Leaked McCain Remark