Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib

Democratic Congresswomen Respond To Trump's Racist Tweets

All four congresswomen vowed to not let recent racist comments by President Trump distract them from their work.


0:58President Donald Trump
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House Votes To Block Trump From Launching Military Strike Against Iran

1:11U.S. soldiers saluting
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House Approves Amendment To Overturn Transgender Military Ban

1:02Attorney General William Barr
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House To Vote On Holding Barr, Ross In Contempt Over Census

0:55House Judiciary Committee
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House Panel Approves Subpoenas For 12 Current, Former Trump Officials

1:20The Trump International Hotel in Washington
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Congressional Democrats Subpoena Trump Organization

0:49The Capitol building
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Senate Passes Defense Bill, But Proposal Seeks To Limit Trump on Iran

1:06Migrants at the U.S. border
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Senate Passes $4.6 Billion Border Aid Bill

1:38U.S. Capitol
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House Passes $4.5B Emergency Aid Package For The Southern Border

9:31Chance Seales and Rep. Paul Tonko

Trump Administration Considers Freezing Federal Gas Mileage Targets

1:28Former White House communications director Hope Hicks
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House Judiciary Committee Releases Hope Hicks Testimony Transcript

0:57Roy Moore
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Roy Moore Says He's Running For US Senate Again

2:29Gas station

House Committees Question Origin Of Proposed Fuel Emissions Rollback

1:06The White House
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White House Threatens Furloughs, Layoffs If Federal Agency Isn't Cut

1:55Former White House communications director Hope Hicks
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Hicks Refuses To Answer Congress' Questions On Trump Administration

U.S. Capitol
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Senate Negotiators Reach Deal On Emergency Funding For Border

1:05Trees engulfed in flames during a wildfire
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Officials Warn Upcoming Wildfire Season Could Be Worse Than Last Year

1:35Deepfake split screen

House Committee Focused On Dangers 'Deepfakes' Pose To 2020 Election

1:13Meeting of the House oversight committee
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House Committee Votes To Hold Barr, Ross In Contempt Over Census Docs

1:04President Donald Trump
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House Committee Passes Bill To Block Trump Immigration Policies

0:50House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff
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House Intel Panel Plans Hearing On Mueller Report, Counterintelligence

1:02Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
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Lawmakers Ask Pompeo To End 'Offensive' Citizenship Policy

1:07Don McGahn
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House Democrats Introduce Resolution To Hold Barr, McGahn In Contempt

1:49Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
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Senate Republicans Defy President Trump On Mexico Tariffs

1:05"Dreamers" protesting in front of the U.S. Capitol building
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House Passes Bill To Give 'Dreamers' A Path To Citizenship

0:47A house in Kansas surrounded by floodwater
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House Passes $19 Billion Disaster Aid Bill

2:22House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
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Deceptively Edited Videos Misrepresent Nancy Pelosi's Speech

2:01Sen. Cory Booker
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Booker Makes Overly Broad Comment About Lack Of Federal Gun Laws

1:24House of Representatives
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Disaster Relief Bill Held Up In House Again Over A Single Objection

2:10Senator Warner introduced a new bill that would require campaigns to disclose contacts with foreign agents.

Senator Looks To Require Reporting of Contact with Foreign Agents

1:57Rep. Dan Crenshaw
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Rep. Crenshaw Wrongly Says Vast Majority Of Asylum Claims Are Invalid