Firefighters monitor a California wildfire in 2015.

If It Feels Like Wildfires Are Getting Bigger, It's Because They Are

Our annual fascination with wildfires never seems to change. But the fires themselves are getting worse and worse.

  Climate Change

0:56President Barack Obama meets with India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the White House
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India Joining Paris Climate Agreement Could Stop It From Falling Apart

1:04The sun rises behind the skyline as temperatures hovered around -10 degrees January 28, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois.
Getty Images / Scott Olson

Buildings Produce A Lot Of Carbon Dioxide — But They Don't Have To

1:22An octopus.
Snailgenie / CC BY 2.0

Climate Change Might Be Helping Octopuses

:53A section of Lake Oroville was nearly dry on August 19, 2014 in Oroville, California
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NASA Data Shows Last Month Was The Hottest April On Record

1:10Commuters board a Metrorail train at Union Station, March 15, 2016 in Washington, D.C.
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Building Cities Around Public Transit Could Change Urban Life

1:06Cut steaks are seen at Wilson's Blue Ribbon Meats in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania.
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Denmark Might Tax Beef To Fight Climate Change

1:56Pedestrians cross the street at a busy intersection on the West Side of Manhattan on September 29, 2014 in New York City.
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City Streets Can Do More To Fight Climate Change

1:04U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks at the signing of the Paris Agreement.
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United Nations Sets Record As 175 Countries Sign Paris Agreement

1:03Staghorn coral is in sharp decline thanks to increasing ocean temperatures and acidification.
XL Catlin Seaview Survey

We're Killing Coral Reefs Faster Than Ever

1:37Picture of Bill Nye next to a picture of Sarah Palin
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Bill Nye Is A Real Science Guy; Read His Resume, Sarah Palin

1:07An image showing record low sea-ice level maximums in 2016.

The North Pole Is Moving Toward The UK; Is Climate Change To Blame?

1:08Melting ice from Antarctica contributes to sea level rise

Sea Levels Could Rise Twice As Fast By The End Of The Century

:58A person drinks a glass of wine.
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Why Climate Change Means Better French Wine ... At Least For Now

1:58Republican presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) speaks during a campaign rally in Tampa, Florida.
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Florida Faces A Big Climate Threat, But Most Candidates Won't Say That

1:31Political back-and-forth over the Clean Power Plan could resonate for millennia.
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The Really (Really) Long-Term Climate Implications Of 2016's Elections

1:08Adélie penguins in Antartica.
Eli Duke / CC BY 2.0

Giant Iceberg Traps Penguin Colony, Killing 150,000 Birds

1:19small pool of water is surrounded by dried and cracked earth that was the bottom of the Almaden Reservoir on January 28, 2014 in San Jose, California.
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Study Says Droughts In The Southwest Could Become More Frequent

1:41A coniferous forest is shown on a mountainside.
Giorgio Galeotti / CC BY 2.0

Some Trees Might Slow Climate Change Better Than Others

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New Report Says 2016 Is 'Very Likely' To Be The Warmest Year On Record

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'Father Of Climate Change Awareness' Doubts COP 21 Will Curb Emissions

Getty Images / Andrew Burton

Why You're Not Shopping In A Winter Wonderland This Year

Newsy / Evan Thomas

The Promising Language Of The Paris Climate Agreement

Getty Images / Carsten Koall

COP21 Summit Unveils Final Draft Of Climate Deal

Benjamin Géminel

What Happens If Paris Climate Talks Fail?

Getty Images / Feng Li

Global CO2 Emissions Dropped In 2015, Report Says

Getty Images / Kevin Frayer

Pollution Canceled Recess In Beijing

Getty Images / Carl Court

Long Road Ahead For Climate Deal After Negotiators Release Draft

Three EEE / CC BY 3.0

India's Environment Minister Blames Chennai Floods On Climate Change

Getty Images / Daniel Berehulak

In The Face Of Climate Talks, India Looks To Burn More Fossil Fuels


If The Oceans Keep Heating Up, Ocean Life Could Stop Making Oxygen