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The Test Run For Elon Musk's Traffic-Dodging Tunnels May Make You Sick

The tech guru has a plan to build an underground tunnel network that can carry cars 125 mph.
The Test Run For Elon Musk's Traffic-Dodging Tunnels May Make You Sick

Elon Musk is tired of traffic.

The multibillionaire tech guru tweeted in December that it was driving him "nuts" and that he planned to build a boring machine and "just start digging." 

And he did. Musk created The Boring Company, and last month it unveiled its virtual plan to build a series of underground tunnels with sleds that can carry single cars 125 mph.

On Friday, Musk posted a test run of one of those tunnels. 

Once the first tunnel has been cleared, the company wants to expand the tunnels throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.  

That might prove to be a tough venture. California is predisposed to earthquakes, and some have pointed out that the tunnels might not stand up.

Musk's company would also have to get permits for all the construction, which could be another challenge.

Still, the project is pushing forward. He says the full length of the first tunnel will go from the Los Angeles International Airport "to Culver City, Santa Monica, Westwood and Sherman Oaks."