Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) listens to witnesses

A Texas University Just Canceled Its Conservative Commencement Speaker

Republican Sen. John Cornyn was scheduled to speak at Texas Southern University's graduation before the school canceled on him.

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0:59U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions
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Attorney General Sessions Undoes Obama-Era Drug Policy

0:34A person with closed eyes
Kristina Alexanderson / CC BY SA 2.0

Going Green Isn't Just For The Living

1:13Donald Trump speaks into a mic
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A Page Dedicated To Trump's Muslim Ban Has Been Removed From His Site

0:56A homeless man sits on the street
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San Francisco Gets Some Help Fighting Its Homelessness Problem

1:07U.S. Border Patrol agent scans the U.S.-Mexico border
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Texas Governor Just Signed Strict Anti-Sanctuary City Legislation

1:4815-year-old Jordan Edwards
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Should Police Ever Shoot At Moving Cars?

1:09Lawmakers introducing Equality Act
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Equality Act Gets Historic Amount Of Congressional Support

0:43A mural of Alton Sterling outside the Triple S Food Mart.
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Baton Rouge Police Avoid Federal Charges For Alton Sterling's Death

1:2315-year-old, Jordan Edwards, shot and killed by police
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Texas Officer Fired After He Shot And Killed An Unarmed 15-Year-Old

1:19New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio reads to children in a pre-kindergarten class.
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New York City Will Soon Offer Free Preschool For 3-Year-Olds

0:38Drugs collected at 2017 Drug Take-Back Day
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Why The Government Wants Your Old Prescription Drugs

0:54Fanned-out money
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Judging Yourself By Your Income Could Be Unhealthy

1:13Charmaine Yoest
Americans United for Life

Anti-Abortion Activist Gets A Top Post At Department Of Health

1:32Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke
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Sheriff Clarke's Jail Under Investigation After Inmate Dies Of Thirst

0:53Attorney General Jeff Sessions
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Judge Blocks Order From Causing 'Irreparable Harm' To Sanctuary Cities

1:29Liberty Place Monument in New Orleans
Library of Congress

New Orleans Begins Controversial Removal Of Confederate Statues

1:11Oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill washes ashore in Alabama
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Americans Would Be Willing To Pay $17B To Fix Deepwater Horizon Damage

0:54Ann Coulter
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University Cancels Speech After A Judge Forces Another To Allow One

Neil deGrasse Tyson
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Neil DeGrasse Tyson To Politicians: You Don't Get To Deny Science

0:48A portrait of a survivor of gun violence
Kathy Shorr, SHOT

These Photos Show Gun Violence Survivors Are More Than Just Statistics

1:11Man being deported by ICE
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First DREAMer To Be Deported Sues Trump Administration

0:56Dance instructors show traditional Native American moves
The StyleHorse Collective

A Native American Tribe Promotes Wellness Through Powwow Dance Videos

0:58Tax day demonstrations in NYC
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#TaxDay Demonstrations In Several Cities Get A Presidential Response

0:49Inmate at detention center.
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Over 700 Immigration Detainees Went On A Hunger Strike

1:25Planned Parenthood clinic
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Trump Just Opened The Door To Defund Planned Parenthood

1:47A person waves a pride flag.
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Lawmakers In North Carolina Want To Ban Same-Sex Marriage

1:54Exterior of Human Rights Campaign headquarters.
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The Future Of The Human Rights Campaign's Fight Is Interconnected

0:43Dylann Roof stands during a video conference.
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Dylann Roof Pleads Guilty, Avoids Second Trial For Charleston Murders

1:02Elementary School students eating lunches in 2006
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This State Will No Longer Let Schools Shame Students For Lunch Debts

0:51Coal power plant
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States' Wealthiest Consumers Might Be Driving Carbon Emissions